Annual Preventive Maintenance is Key to Long-Term Roof Performance

Routine roof inspections are essential to achieving maximum service life for commercial roof systems.  A maintenance survey of your roof should be conducted in the spring and fall of each year as well as after unusually severe weather conditions.  Advantage Roofing & Restoration will maintain records of these surveys that will help identify changing conditions of your roof over time.

A comprehensive maintenance program saves you money.  Benefits include:

  • Longer service life for your roof system
  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Fewer roof leaks
  • Greater control of roof management costs
  • Fewer emergency roof repairs and replacement needs
  • Better ability to anticipate roof repairs and replacement needs
  • Budgeting for annual roof-related costs
  • Net savings on your roofing costs

Help Protect Your Roof System Utilizing Nondestructive Roof Moisture Surveys
A non-destructive roof moisture survey will pin-point problem areas that a visual survey cannot detect.  Areas of subsurface moisture can be detected before they spread.  A moisture survey is your “blue print” for preventive maintenance.

Typical Areas of Concern

  • Pitch pockets often need to be filled and aluminized.  A quality fibrous aluminum roof coating will protect many  components on your roof from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • Deteriorated caulking at counter flashing and coping metal is a common place for water to penetrate your roof system and building.
  • Clogged roof drains and perimeter scuppers can cause water to back up into your building.
  • Salt water from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico creates rust on sheet metal, duck work and other galvanized metal components of your roof.

Why Replace When You Can Restore?
Roof restoration returns your existing roof system to a like new condition.  Approximately 80% of active roof leaks occur at 20% of the roof most prone to failure.  Roof restoration replaces the entire area most likely to fail first.  The “field” of the roof is surveyed for moisture, repairs are made and wet substrate is removed as applicable.  Then the SR SuperiorFlex coating is installed.  The end result is a restored roof system that carries up to a twelve (12) year labor and material warranty.

Advantage Roofing and Restoration is a preferred applicator of all SR Products restoration systems.  These include the Energy Star Approved Wite-Brite Elastomeric Systems and the revolutionary SuperiorFlex Thermoplastic Systems.  SuperiorFlex Seal is a cold process thermoplastic roof coating that can be used for roof repairs and complete restoration.  The unique SuperiorFlex Seal formula enables it to withstand ponding water giving you a cost effective, long-lasting solution.

Reduce Your Tax Burden

The repair or restoration of your roof system is considered a maintenance item and is treated differently than a roof replacement for tax purposes.  Under IRS regulations, maintenance items are treated as operating expenses and are tax deductible in the year the expense is incurred.  Conversely, a roof recovery or replacement is a capital expenditure and subject to the 30-year depreciation schedule.  Consult your accountant for more information.

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